Our Platform

Sustainably Transforming Food and Agriculture

Our proprietary RTDS technologies are at the heart of our customizable trait development platform that enables the ability and flexibility to select and introduce multiple desirable traits (“stacked”) specifically chosen to meet the desired needs of farmers, processors and customers throughout the food value chain.

Our Results

Commercializing First Products in Canola

Our first product is a non-transgenic, herbicide tolerant Canola, SU Canola™ marketed under the Falco™ brand, that is currently selling in the United States and launched in Canada in early 2018. Additional canola traits currently in testing and development include traits for yield improvement, disease tolerance, healthier oil, and additional herbicide tolerance.

Our Pipeline

Inspired By Nature

Our new plant breeding technologies power the Rapid Trait Development System, RTDS, to enable the accelerated development of an expanding portfolio of non-transgenic or non-GM agronomic and consumer focused traits in multiple crops, including herbicide and key disease tolerances, yield enhancements, waste reduction, and healthier food.