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Our Vision

As pioneers and leaders in agricultural gene editing, the vision for our work has always been to make plants healthier. Healthier plants are more robust, higher yielding and better able to withstand the environmental challenges that Mother Nature throws at them, such as diseases, insects, weeds and droughts.

Growing healthier crops can – and will – result in a more sustainable world. Farming these crops will require less chemicals, fertilizers and fuel — materially reducing our dependency on these environmentally impactful inputs, and positively affecting the carbon footprint of agriculture.

Sustainability and high yields in agriculture start with healthier plants. Achieving that goal is the vision that Cibus was built on, and it’s the same vision that sustains our team today.

Our Inspiration

Innovation in agriculture has been stymied by outdated regulations, making it difficult to keep up with the increasing food needs of a growing global population and climate change challenges.

Precision gene editing is on the frontlines of agricultural innovation in addressing climate change and agriculture’s immense carbon footprint. With gene editing, there is the potential to create crops that are tolerant to disease, heat and drought, all while reducing the use of water, agricultural chemicals, fertilizers and fuel used for farming.

We are the global leader in an emerging area that can dramatically shift how we grow and farm our food. At Cibus, this is the core of what inspires us each and every day.

We Are Transforming The Industry

“At our core is this unwavering passion and commitment to help farmers shape and build a sustainable future in food and agriculture.”

— Peter Beetham, PhD, Chief Executive Officer & President

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