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Our Vision

To be leaders in the responsible development of sustainable, nature-identical plants to help feed the world.

Our story began with our CEO’s earliest days as a plant biologist working in the fields of Papua, New Guinea, where a farmer and his wife grew sweet potatoes in a tiny plot. Their livelihood depended on this small farm, and they struggled over many years to breed multiple varieties for different stages of their growing season. Their struggle became Peter’s inspiration to develop rapid techniques to breed nature-identical plant varieties. As the world’s population increases by 80 million people each year, Cibus can help farmers facing similar constraints to grow healthier crops in a warming or changing climate, with widening disease and new forms of weeds and pests.

We have developed the most advanced techniques to precisely target and direct a plant’s natural gene-editing processes, an approach that accelerates natural breeding that has been a staple of farming for thousands of years.

We Are Transforming The Industry

“At our core is this unwavering passion and commitment to help farmers shape and build a sustainable future in food and agriculture.”

— Peter Beetham, PhD, Chief Executive Officer & President

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