Important Notices and Disclaimers for Website Information

Company Data, Estimates & Defined Terms

“Complex traits” refers to traits that comprise complex modes of action or multiple modes of actions. Greenhouse confirmation of a complex trait may refer to a single mode of action or multiple modes of action.

“Developed” means validated filed trials (Canola PSR, Rice HT1 and HT3); “Advanced” development means editing process underway with known edit targets. References to “shipping” product means that traits are transferred to customers in the customer’s elite germplasm.

“TAM,” “Accessible Acres” and “Trait Fee Acres” are company estimates based on industry sources. There can be no assurance that Trait Fee Acres can be achieved. Estimates of TAM, accessible acres and trait fee acres utilize the Company’s estimate of total hybrid acres available in North America, South America and Europe for each crop. European acres are not currently accessible. The availability of European acres in the future will depend on a favorable outcome resulting from the anticipated EU legislative process. European acres are presented to show the potential accessible acres if the EU were to pass the proposed legislation. The EU is expected to publish proposed legislative language for consideration in 2023.

The “Trait Royalty Market” is an estimate of Trait Fee Acres and Trait Fees for a Cibus Trait.

Greenhouse date refers to greenhouse confirmation for a single mode of action or multiple modes of action for a trait.

Third Party Data

Trait fee information represents 2020 estimates based on data from Agbioinvestor, U.S. Government, Boston Consulting Group and third-party consultants. Traits for which trait fee information is provided are predominantly GMO traits in North and South America.

Information about market and industry statistics is included based on information available to Cibus, which Cibus believes is accurate in all material respects. Third-party sources of such information are not produced for purposes of business or economic analysis. Cibus has not reviewed or included data from all sources and cannot provide assurances as to the accuracy or completeness of data derived from third-party sources. Forecasts and other forward-looking information obtained from third-party sources, including estimates of future market size and market acceptance of Cibus’ products, are subject to the qualifications and uncertainties associated with forward-looking statements.

Intellectual Property

“Cibus,” “RTDS,” “Rapid Trait Development System,” “FALCO,” “SU Canola,” “Nucelis,” “ASAP,” “A Different Breed,” “Trait Machine,” “Inspired by Nature,” “Driving Sustainable Agriculture,” “Reshaping Crop Protection,” “Reinventing Trait Development,” “Timebound & Predictable,” “Driving Trait & Breeding Innovation,” “Future of Breeding,” the Cibus logo and other trademarks or services marks of Cibus are the property of Cibus. Trade names, trademarks and service marks of other

Forward Looking Statements

The information included herein contains “forward-looking” statements within the meaning of applicable securities laws, including The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements may be identified by words such as “anticipate,” “believe,” “intend”, “expect,” “plan,” “scheduled,” “could,” “would” and “will,” or the negative of these and similar expressions. These forward-looking statements, which are based on our management’s current expectations and assumptions and on information currently available to management. Forward-looking statements include statements about the advancement, timing and progress of platform development and trait development in crop platforms; the timing of our presentation of data related to our trait development activity; the timeframe for transferring traits in customers’ elite germplasm; the capacity of our productivity traits to deliver competitive yield improvements; the ability of gene editing to address climate change at scale; the timing and nature of regulatory developments relating to gene editing; the market opportunity for Cibus’ plant traits, including the number of addressable acres, and the trait fees that Cibus expects to receive; and Cibus’ ability to enter into and maintain significant customer collaborations. These forward-looking statements are made in light of information currently available to us and are subject to numerous risks and uncertainties, including with respect to the numerous risks associated with novel technologies and product candidate development. Cibus’ operating plans, including product development plans, may change as a result of various factors, including factors currently unknown to Cibus. There are important factors that could cause Cibus’ actual results, level of activity, performance or achievements to differ materially from those expressed or implied by forward-looking statements, including factors related to: competition from competitors with greater resources than Cibus; regulatory developments that disfavor or impose significant burdens on gene-editing processes or products; commodity prices and other market risks facing the agricultural sector; increased or unanticipated time and resources required for Cibus’ platform or trait product development efforts; technological developments that could render Cibus’ technologies obsolete; Cibus’ need for additional funding to finance its activities and challenges in obtaining additional capital on acceptable terms, or at all; Cibus’ reliance on third parties in connection with its development activities; challenges to Cibus’ intellectual property protection and unexpected costs associated with defending Cibus’ intellectual property rights; and other risks, including those, identified in the proxy statement / prospectus, which was filed with the SEC by Calyxt, Inc. on April 18, 2023 pursuant to an effective registration statement of Calyxt, Inc. on Form S-4 (File No. 333-269764). In addition to these factors, other known and unknown risks and uncertainties may adversely affect such forward-looking statements and cause Cibus’ actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements. Except as required by law, Cibus assumes no obligation to update these forward-looking statements publicly, or to update the reasons why actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in the forward-looking statements, even if new information becomes available in the future.