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The global vision for 21st century farming is the development of a sustainable supply of healthy, diverse, and safe food for a growing global population – while limiting the impact on the environment and coping with climate change. To us, this is what the term, Sustainable Agriculture, means. It is the driving force of Cibus.
The goal of our blog is to follow and participate in this global debate and through our research and innovations to be a leading driver in the evolution of a global Sustainable Agriculture community.

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October 18, 2019
So where exactly does our food come from? And why should we care?
(Part of the “Don’t Fear Science in Your Food” Series)

In 1850, 90 percent of the global population was involved in farming. In 2020, only 1-2 percent will be. How did this dramatic shift happen,

October 17, 2019
Why is science ‘okay’ for our climate, but not for our food?
(Part of the “Don’t Fear Science in Your Food” Series)

Between a growing population, shifting climate and dwindling resources, it’s no secret that our planet is in the midst of multiple environmental crises.

We have pioneered the most advanced technologies to precisely target and direct a plant’s natural gene-editing processes: an approach accelerating the natural breeding techniques that have been staples of farming for thousands of years.


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