Our Story

Pioneering Precision Gene Editing

Cibus was founded over 20 years ago with the vision that we could make precision edits in plant genes that were consistent with mutagenesis and traditional crop breeding. This was the Post GMO-Vision for advanced plant breeding technologies. We are leaders in this new Post-GMO world.

Precision Gene Editing is now a cornerstone of the movement to Green farming due to its promise of reducing the usage of traditional (environmentally challenging ) farming inputs such as chemicals, fertilizers and fuel.

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Our Technology

Our Pipeline

Input Traits: Rethinking Farming Inputs

The focus of our RTDS technology platform is the development of crops that help famers manage environmental challenges such as disease, insects and weeds with less chemicals, fuel and fertilizers. Our crop focus are the high acreage, high yielding row crops: Canola, Rice, Soybean, Wheat & Corn.