Our Story

Pioneering Precision Gene Editing

Cibus was founded to lead a new era in gene editing. Its vision was a gene editing industry without the use of transgenes or foreign DNA that are associated with GMO technologies; An industry whose products were indistinguishable from nature and would be regulated on the same basis as traditional breeding; An industry that could help farmers tackle the challenges presented by the environment such as disease, weeds and pests in a more sustainable way with less chemicals, fuel and negative environmental impact.

Our Technology

At Cibus, we are ushering in a new era of plant breeding techniques.

We are accomplishing this using RTDS: our proprietary family of non-transgenic, gene-editing technologies and our expertise in genomics, genomics data and cell culture.

Our Products

At Cibus, we are ushering in a new era of gene-edited trait products.

An era, in which plant traits (or specific genetic characteristics) developed using gene editing are indistinguishable from those developed using conventional breeding.

The primary focus of this new era of greater trait productivity is two areas critical to sustainability: 1) Productivity Traits that enable farmers to have higher yields and reduce the use of the Crop Protection chemicals and fertilizers and 2) Sustainable Ingredients that enable major corporations to replace ingredients that are fossil fuel based or whose production results in increased greenhouse gases.