Our Products

Our business is the development and licensing of gene edited Productivity Traits and Sustainable Ingredients.
  • Productivity Traits manage productivity challenges such as disease, pests, weeds, nutrient use and climate change with better genetics.

  • Sustainable ingredients lower greenhouse gases emissions by replacing fossil fuel-based ingredients with renewable low carbon products.

Cibus’ goal is to use its RTDS® gene editing technology platform to develop a new generation of Sustainable Crops and Low Carbon Plant-Based Products:

  • A new generation of productivity traits for crops that will have increased yields while requiring less chemicals such as fungicides, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers and an increased ability to thrive in hotter, more arid conditions.

    This is the promise of gene editing in agriculture. The ability to develop crops that have improved genetics to have greater resistance to disease and pests, greater tolerance to herbicides to better manage weeds, better processing of nutrients to reduce fertilizer use and better able to handle the changes of climate change like drought, wind and salinity.

    Cibus currently has advanced development agreements with many of the leading seed companies developing in collaboration with these companies for new productivity traits. In 2023, Cibus expects to make its initial gene edited trait transfers to customers for both its Pod Shatter Reduction (PSR) trait in canola for two herbicide tolerance traits in rice.

  • A family of low carbon plant-based industrial ingredients that replace fossil fuels-based ingredients with a high environmental footprint.

    This is the other great promise of gene editing in agriculture. The ability to use gene editing to create a new generation of renewable low carbon products to reduce our global greenhouse emissions by replacing our dependence on fossil fuel-based products or products like palm kernel oil with problematic carbon footprints. Cibus has ongoing collaborations with many leading pharmaceutical companies, consumer product companies and energy companies.

Cibus expects to be a leader in both of these areas.