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Cibus Announces Publication of Article Review on Application of Oligonucleotide-Directed Mutagenesis as a Precision Genome Editing Technology

Distinguished Plant Biotechnology Journal Publication Describes ODM’s Role in Cibus’ Rapid Trait Development System (RTDS®)

San Diego (December 7, 2015) — Cibus, a leader in non-transgenic breeding and precision gene editing, announced today the publication of the article “Oligonucleotide-directed Mutagenesis for Precision Gene Editing” in Plant Biotechnology Journal, a journal published by Wiley-Blackwell in association with the Society for Experimental Biology (SEB) and the Association of Applied Biologists (AAB). The paper’s authors include Noel J. Sauer, Jerry Mozoruk, Ryan B. Miller, Zachary J. Warburg, Keith A. Walker, Peter R. Beetham, Christian R. Schöpke and Greg F. W. Gocal.

As part of a special focus on gene editing, Cibus contributed a review on the application of oligonucleotide-directed mutagenesis (ODM) as a precision genome editing technology. The paper emphasizes using oligonucleotides to make targeted edits in plasmid, episomal and chromosomal DNA of bacterial, fungal, mammalian and plant systems. ODM is one of the many tools of Cibus’ Rapid Trait Development System (RTDS®) technology, which offers a rapid, precise and non-transgenic breeding alternative for trait improvement in agriculture to address the urgent need to accelerate the development of these traits in plants in order to increase global agricultural productivity.

“As a pioneer in plant trait development with years of research in this space, Cibus’ team is uniquely positioned to contribute to the discussion on precision gene editing,” remarked Greg Gocal, Senior Vice President, Research and Development. “It is an honor to have this article published in Plant Biotechnology JournalRTDS technology. As an agricultural company with innovative, cutting-edge technology Cibus will continue to help lead these conversations.”

RTDS covers many important technological breakthroughs developed by Cibus over the last decade in several areas including key aspects of cell biology, precision gene editing, advanced molecular screening, advanced breeding, and crop development technologies. The system produces non-transgenic, site specific mutations targeted using chemically synthesized gene repair oligonucleotides (GRONs) in half the time of other breeding techniques. RTDS harnesses the cell’s natural DNA-repair systems to correct and change specific targeted bases within the genome of a cell.

The article “Oligonucleotide-directed Mutagenesis for Precision Gene Editing” can be found here.

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Cibus ( is a leading precision gene editing company with a unique, patented technology for naturally modifying cell functions. With over 300 patents and patent applications, Cibus is a technology leader in the silent revolution in the development of non-transgenic traits. Its non-transgenic technology enables it access to global multibillion-dollar markets in agriculture, specialty chemicals, and human health. It offers a disruptive alternative to transgenic approaches. The Company has a worldwide presence, with subsidiaries in both Europe and North America, including Nucelis, its bio-industrials division, and a state of the art research and development center in San Diego, California. Our core purpose is to lead the transition to sustainable non-transgenic agricultural and industrial products and improved human health by harvesting nature’s natural diversity.