Our Technology

RTDS ™ (Rapid Trait Development System)

Cibus has developed an advanced non-transgenic breeding system called RTDS (Rapid Trait Development System). This system covers many important technological breakthroughs developed by Cibus over the last decade in several areas including: Key aspects of cell biology; advanced breeding technologies, advanced molecular screening, advanced breeding and crop development technologies.

These technological breakthroughs produce precise and predictable results with beneficial traits that are indistinguishable from those developed through traditional plant breeding, but with faster results.

Benefits include:

  • Proven and reproducible precise trait development to achieve both selectable and non-selectable traits
  • More rapid product development than both traditional breeding and transgenic approaches
  • Simultaneous targeting of multiple traits; ability to stack multiple traits in a single crop
  • Clear regulatory path in target markets
  • Promise of global acceptance for its products both in commerce and in farming
  • Technology is broadly applicable and proven in Yeast and other microorganisms - LEARN MORE

There is a pivot occurring within breeding itself due to the cost of transgenic crop development coupled with a growing lack of global acceptance for these technologies. With the industry moving from its historical focus on transgenic technology to the new field of non-transgenic breeding through targeted mutagenesis, Cibus is well positioned as a technology leader.