Key Topics

Agriculture is undergoing an incredible technology revolution. We believe it’s important to start the dialogue on how these never-before-seen advancements are impacting the world, in everything from climate change to how we grow our food. Here, we’ll feature a few thoughts, musings and stories from our team—a group of people committed to making agriculture a more sustainable, environmentally friendly practice.

Cibus Resources Key Topics
Gene editing to lead a new agricultural revolution - Future Farming
Gene editing in Brassica napus  for basic research and trait development
ESG And Precision Gene Editing
A fourth agricultural revolution is underway. What should we call it?
CIBUS and Environment, Part One: How Can We Save Both the Rainforests and Sharks? Gene editing.
We will be feeding 2 billion more people by 2050. We need gene editing to do it.
The Need For Speed In Plant Breeding
What Does GMO Mean Anyway?
Gene Editing Can Feed The World — If We Let It