Frequently Asked Questions

The Rapid Trait Development System

The Rapid Trait Development System (RTDS™) is the next generation precision gene editing technology that has been used to develop new and beneficial characteristics by modifying cell function. This enhanced process enables site specific changes that, given sufficient time, could occur in nature. This technology has applicability in the agricultural, industrial lubricants, food ingredients and health care markets. RTDS is based on altering targeted genes by utilizing the cell's own gene repair system to specifically modify the gene sequence in their native location. This technology uses a proprietary Gene Repair OligoNucleotide (GRON) to direct a cell's own DNA-repair system to make a specific desired change in a targeted gene. This procedure effects a precise change in the genetic sequence while the rest of the genome is left unaltered. Unlike conventional transgenic GMOs, foreign genetic material is not integrated, yielding the development of safer, natural, more reliable and efficient traits. The Company's technology uniquely harnesses nature's genetic diversity. Its ability to edit native systems, along with its unique cell culture capabilities, enables Cibus to generate precise and efficient traits. This, combined with its non-GM approach, allows for a more cost effective and faster commercialization into new and existing markets. RTDS has been proven in many organisms, including yeast, bacteria, plants and animals.