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Cibus is the leader in precision gene editing in agriculture. Our mission is to improve plants and other organisms with a new class of non-transgenic breeding technologies. These work without integrating foreign genetic material thus the resulting organisms are non-transgenic (non-GM). Since our improvements are non-transgenic, they will be globally acceptable. The company has developed and patented advanced breeding technologies that enable precise, stable, predictable changes to be made in plants and other organisms without integrating foreign genetic material. Cibus launched its first crop, SU Canola™, in North America in 2015 and expects to develop non-transgenic traits in every major crop.

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Pioneering the Pivot to
Non-Transgenic Breeding

There is a pivot occurring in agricultural crop breeding, prompted by the rising costs of developing transgenic crops, coupled with their lack of global acceptance. The industry is moving beyond its historical focus on transgenic technology to this new field dominated by non-transgenic breeding technology or targeted mutagenesis. Cibus’ proprietary technology platform can produce precise, predictable results in traits that are indistinguishable from traditional breeding.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be leaders in the development of a sustainable global non-transgenic food supply.

A few issues we are working on:

Improved Yield | Drought Resistance | Sustainability

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Contact Us
Cibus Locations

San Diego, California

6455 Nancy Ridge Drive
San Diego
CA 92121
United States
001 858 450-0008

St. Paul, Minnesota

6053 Hudson Road
Suite 201
St. Paul
Minnesota 55125
United States
001 858 450-0008 ext. 191

Kapelle, Netherlands

Goessestraatweg 19
4421 AD Kapelle
0031 20 820 1710

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