About Cibus

Cibus And Rapid Trait Development System (RTDS™)

About Cibus

Founded in 2001, Cibus is a privately-held global organization that produces environmentally-friendly products for the agricultural, industrial and healthcare markets. Through the application of a proprietary technology called the Rapid Trait Development System (RTDS), Cibus' technologies yield innovative products to meet the needs of a growing global population.

Large Product Applications and Robust Product Pipeline

The value of the Cibus technology is that it yields one or more beneficial characteristics (or traits) established within the genome of the target organism. The benefits of the new traits are significant and have direct commercial product and process applications. Today, the Company focuses its development efforts on three distinct verticals: industrial biotechnology, agriculture and human health and wellness.


With the global population to exceed 9 billion by 2050, the Food and Agriculture Organization estimates the need for a 70% increase in crop production to simply maintain nutrition at today's levels. Cibus has attracted partners for trait development programs in many of the world's major crops (canola, rice, corn, wheat, potato, sugarbeet and others). The Company's R&D pipeline features projects across all development phases with herbicide tolerant canola ready to enter the US market in 2014. Arrangements have been established for field-testing and production of seed from its various programs in numerous locations in Europe, North and South America.

Industrial Products

In 2013, Cibus further validated its technology by entering the cosmetic, nutraceutical and lubricant additive segments through its RTDS-based yeast production process (ypRTDS™) to make squalane. The Company's squalane process and product is both GMO-free and sustainable. It is the only known quality equivalent of the current deep water shark sourced product. The ypRTDS platform offers a wide variety of additional specialty chemical applications.

Human Health

The RTDS technology has a great number of applications in human and animal therapeutics (stem cell therapy, gene therapy and validated drug targets) correcting specific disease causing mutations.