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About Cibus

Founded in 2001, Cibus has developed plant and microbial platforms enabling it to become a world leader in precision gene editing, generally, and advanced non-transgenic breeding, specifically. The Rapid Trait Development System (RTDS™), its proprietary technology for non-transgenic breeding, enables site-specific edits of native genes with no introduction of foreign DNA. The precise and predictable outcomes can replicate products developed using traditional mutagenesis and are identical to those that could occur in nature, given enough time. Consequently, these plants are not considered transgenic, the key attributes of GMO crops.

Cibus has launched its first commercial crop, SU Canola™, a non-transgenic canola tolerant to sulfonylurea herbicides in the United States, and has received regulatory approval in Canada, putting the trait on track to launch there after 2016. Over the next 10 years Cibus expects to develop new, non-transgenic traits for most major crops. ...READ MORE


The Cibus family includes the team of founding scientists and executives, and has grown to more than 100 employees who provide extensive backgrounds across a number of disciplines.

Cibus is the parent company of Nucelis, which is focused on the cosmetic, nutraceutical and lubricant additive segments through its RTDS-based yeast production process (ypRTDS) to make squalane. Nucelis’ squalane process and product is both GMO-free and sustainable. The ypRTDS™ platform offers a wide variety of additional specialty chemical applications.

Nucelis is built on Cibus’ platform of unique, patented technology for optimizing cell structure and function. Nucelis’ vision is to change the way industry develops bio-based chemicals by utilizing nature’s own production factories such as plants, yeast, and bacteria. Nucelis starts with naturally-efficient organisms that already make a target chemical, and, by enhancing those natural processes, increases that organism’s production. Nucelis strives to use sustainable and recyclable feed stocks as starting materials resulting in a process that is less costly and more efficient.

Cibus is located in three major centers in the U.S. and Europe.

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